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The Dodgers Centenary Franchise


With six World Series titles with 21 National League crowns and a huge desire to compete in the Fall Classic this year, the Dodgers have the passport secured at least for the postseason. What will happen from then on?
Dodger franchise, for more than a century , has been held by word of mouth among baseball fans and, of course , Major League fans .

When naming the Dodgers, it is undoubtedly thought of in those unequaled rivalries against the Giants and the Yankees, the three novenas that had seat in the State of New York, and that by those circumstances of the industry, they left its caves at Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds, the ball parks that thrilled sensational years of history inside Organized Baseball in front of Yankee Stadium’s ‘Mules’.

The truth of the matter is that, within that image made up of sacrifices, many stars, hundreds of baseball games with waste of quality and energy, the Dodgers accumulate , as very few teams, 21 National League crowns , 15 titles of the West division of the Old Circuit, but only 6 Awards of the Fall Classic , a small number of triumphs, if all the history of the club is taken into account.

In the 1960s, the Dodgers with their left-handed mound star, the man who “instinctively” launched , Sandy Koufax, thrilled their loyal followers who won the October 1963 Appointments in the face of their eternal former rivals, The Yankees, and 1965, against the Minnesota Twins.

But before those two crowns, the Dodgers had already won the 1955 World Series titles against the Yankees and in 1959 against the Chicago White Sox. And the other two October diadems for the Dodgers, came in 1981 by defeating the Yankees in the Classic, and in 1988, winning the Oakland Athletics . In other words, the franchise is a year from turning 30 without getting the maximum award of the Major League Baseball.