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Tips for Baseball Hitters to improve their Batting


This time we bring you some tips to improve batting in baseball, we hope they serve. These tips are very useful for most players at the amateur level.

1) Concentration: It is important to feel relaxed, comfortable, focused and ready to do the work that will transmit his coach from third base when it is in the batter ‘s box .

Get to the stadium with clear and positive mind to perform at their best.

common error : Many players when they are the dugout they do is waste your time and are not pending launcher to study their weaknesses and their types pitches.

2) Bat selection : An important factor is to select a bat with which the batter can handle your swing properly. Swing speed within the zone of strike will determine the length and weight of your bat to use. A very heavy bat will wreak havoc on your mechanical slowing your swing. Something very important and clear is the fact that bat speed is to determine the distance, not if the bat is heavy or light.

Baseball and softball players, irrespective of their League or College, or pro athletics can use Call the Shot to improve their swing.

By keeping the training sleeve on bat’s barrel, players can concentrate on hitting the ball in the right part of the bat as a result can increase in better hits.

common error : Choose an alien beats personal comfort or believe that because the bat is bigger and heavier the hit will be more forceful.

3) Grab the bat : the most ideal way to hold the bat is supposed to be the base of the fingers. A batsman who holds the bat in the wave of the palm slow down your bat. Use call the shot to improve batting swing. Put your left hand and slide it to the part below the bat, his right hand then accommodated in the upper part of his left hand knuckles aligned half.

common error : Grab the bat far below or above it suitable; hit tied (very close to the body pitches)


How to play the right way – Techniques for Baseball players


Hands : Hands are placed above the area of strike in order to have a clear view of each release. This helps the batter to hit the ball in one direction. For you to make a good swing your elbows should touch the ribs thus bringing the strength of his back leg to the front and hitting the ball freely extending his arms.

common error : Separate the hands each

Hips : the hips should not move very early until you clearly see the launch, his “swing” will automatically notify them when to start the movement.

common error : Forward movement of the hips

Shoulders : the shoulder of the front will be the driver to hit the ball. If the launch is broken (curve, slider, sinker, etc.) then you must put the shoulder above the ball.

common error . Bad timing shoulders and below the broken pitches

Head and Eye : Never lose the ball string and gaze you should always be placed on the pitch. His chin will be aligned with your left shoulder looking with both eyes pitcher since making his throwing motion until you release the ball so try to decipher the pitch, then follow with the eye the path of the ball and look at the seams to predict the movement will have it.

common error . take away the view of the ball following these tips and putting them into practice can be safely a good hitter but keep in mind that certain virtues are also needed natural such as reflexes, speed, good eyesight and strength.

In addition we leave these tips:

  • Choose a good bat;
  • Keep your head down and tucked back when the launch comes;
  • Their attention should be exclusively on the ball;
  • Let swing only the pitches in zone strike;
  • have patience;
  • learn to bat for all directions of the park;
  • look at the pitcher with two eyes around his nose;
  • be aggressive batting in the drawer;
  • Keep your arms relaxed;
  • stick to the releases;
  • with two strikes in the count seeks contact and no power.