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Jon Bautista: “I want to succeed in Real”


Jon Bautista (Mahn, 1995) savored the honeys of belonging to the first Real team. The young forward reviews his career for MD, unveils his childhood idols and recounts the experiences of recent months.

Let’s clear a doubt at the beginning.

It is a subject of much talk. I consider myself a Minorcan and also a Basque. My mother finished her nursing studies here and went to Menorca with my father because they offered her a job. We came back the month of my twin brother and I were born. I do not have a family there, but some friends we visit every year.

Has football been with you since childhood?

Yes, although I have liked other sports like the ball, handball … I also danced  with my sister. No sport has given me bad but football was the one that filled me the most and I threw myself to it because I saw that the Real was behind me.

Is the vocation of striker coming from his beginnings in the Touring?

No, I did the tests for the forward but when forming the team of fry I was delayed to the center of the field because there were many people. The following year I played as a midfield intern. When I arrived in New York I found ‘overbooking’ in the middle and they passed me to the right side because I had speed. I also played matches as a central. When the change took place in the presidency we were put to as a coach and he was the one who put me up for the first time.