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Hern Torres Resigned as Coach of the America


After the defeat of Saturday against the Envigado, the trainer will not continue to the front of the scarlet picture. Five points in the last nine matches for Liga guila. A team without depth, without ideas and on the verge of descent. That was the last face of Hernyn Torres as coach of America de Cali . The defeat against Envigado on Saturday night made him an unsustainable trainer: football did not accompany him, the results did not support him and the fans did not want him. So he decided to step aside.

America informs its numerous loyal fans, as well as the general public , that Mr. Hernyn Torres Oliveros has submitted his letter of resignation after the 2-1 defeat against the Envigado and that such resignation has been accepted by the directives of the institution, “” the scarlet team said in a statement.

Torres, who was one of the architects of returning to America in the first division after five years of hardship in the B , goes through the back door after a semester in which leaves the team located in position 14 with 12 points , three to get into the eight, but the team did not respond to the coach for some time and the results have not been the best.

In the absence of nine dates to finish the all against all, the scarlet box is placed in the penultimate position in the table of the descent. It has the same points of Jaguares, penultimate with 118 . However, he is above the Crdoba team by a goal difference. These two squads are four points behind the Tigers, who in recent games has shown a remarkable improvement.