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America lost with Envigado and is Complicated in the zone of the Descent


The oranges with goals of Joseph Cox and Yossimar marked the goals of the Antioqueno team.

If a team is fighting for the descent, try to arm yourself well, hire experienced players to get out of that difficult situation. America did it . On paper it looked like a strong squad, but inside the field of play is something else. The table Vallecaucano entered a spiral of bad game, the players do not respond, it looks erratic and without ideas.

In the absence of nine dates to finish the all against all, a rope is tied to the neck difficult to release and is on the edge of the abyss of descent. Jaguars and Tigers lurk. With a pale game and no depth is doing everything to return to second division.

This Saturday again America lost. He fell 2-1 against Envigado at the Polideportivo Sur . He added his fifth defeat in the championship and the road seems increasingly thorny and full of obstacles.

Each time the panorama is darkened more for those directed by Hernyn Torres, who seems to find no direction. In the last nine games they have added five points. The constant errors of the defensive zone have the scarlet picture immersed in a crisis, which seems to have no end. And the coach seems not to know.

In the match against the oranges, Anderson Zapata was the player in whom all eyes fell. Scarlet team number three was compromised in the two scorecards. In the first, did not react to the rebound of goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano and Joseph Cox won the position and put the Antioqueos to celebrate. In the second never referenced his mark and Yossimar Quinez was completely free to jump, nod and score the goal that ended giving the victory to Envigado, who achieved his second consecutive victory in this Eagle League.