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Jon Bautista: “I want to succeed in Real”


Jon Bautista (Mahn, 1995) savored the honeys of belonging to the first Real team. The young forward reviews his career for MD, unveils his childhood idols and recounts the experiences of recent months.

Let’s clear a doubt at the beginning.

It is a subject of much talk. I consider myself a Minorcan and also a Basque. My mother finished her nursing studies here and went to Menorca with my father because they offered her a job. We came back the month of my twin brother and I were born. I do not have a family there, but some friends we visit every year.

Has football been with you since childhood?

Yes, although I have liked other sports like the ball, handball … I also danced  with my sister. No sport has given me bad but football was the one that filled me the most and I threw myself to it because I saw that the Real was behind me.

Is the vocation of striker coming from his beginnings in the Touring?

No, I did the tests for the forward but when forming the team of fry I was delayed to the center of the field because there were many people. The following year I played as a midfield intern. When I arrived in New York I found ‘overbooking’ in the middle and they passed me to the right side because I had speed. I also played matches as a central. When the change took place in the presidency we were put to as a coach and he was the one who put me up for the first time.


Hern Torres Resigned as Coach of the America


After the defeat of Saturday against the Envigado, the trainer will not continue to the front of the scarlet picture. Five points in the last nine matches for Liga guila. A team without depth, without ideas and on the verge of descent. That was the last face of Hernyn Torres as coach of America de Cali . The defeat against Envigado on Saturday night made him an unsustainable trainer: football did not accompany him, the results did not support him and the fans did not want him. So he decided to step aside.

America informs its numerous loyal fans, as well as the general public , that Mr. Hernyn Torres Oliveros has submitted his letter of resignation after the 2-1 defeat against the Envigado and that such resignation has been accepted by the directives of the institution, “” the scarlet team said in a statement.

Torres, who was one of the architects of returning to America in the first division after five years of hardship in the B , goes through the back door after a semester in which leaves the team located in position 14 with 12 points , three to get into the eight, but the team did not respond to the coach for some time and the results have not been the best.

In the absence of nine dates to finish the all against all, the scarlet box is placed in the penultimate position in the table of the descent. It has the same points of Jaguares, penultimate with 118 . However, he is above the Crdoba team by a goal difference. These two squads are four points behind the Tigers, who in recent games has shown a remarkable improvement.


America lost with Envigado and is Complicated in the zone of the Descent


The oranges with goals of Joseph Cox and Yossimar marked the goals of the Antioqueno team.

If a team is fighting for the descent, try to arm yourself well, hire experienced players to get out of that difficult situation. America did it . On paper it looked like a strong squad, but inside the field of play is something else. The table Vallecaucano entered a spiral of bad game, the players do not respond, it looks erratic and without ideas.

In the absence of nine dates to finish the all against all, a rope is tied to the neck difficult to release and is on the edge of the abyss of descent. Jaguars and Tigers lurk. With a pale game and no depth is doing everything to return to second division.

This Saturday again America lost. He fell 2-1 against Envigado at the Polideportivo Sur . He added his fifth defeat in the championship and the road seems increasingly thorny and full of obstacles.

Each time the panorama is darkened more for those directed by Hernyn Torres, who seems to find no direction. In the last nine games they have added five points. The constant errors of the defensive zone have the scarlet picture immersed in a crisis, which seems to have no end. And the coach seems not to know.

In the match against the oranges, Anderson Zapata was the player in whom all eyes fell. Scarlet team number three was compromised in the two scorecards. In the first, did not react to the rebound of goalkeeper Carlos Bejarano and Joseph Cox won the position and put the Antioqueos to celebrate. In the second never referenced his mark and Yossimar Quinez was completely free to jump, nod and score the goal that ended giving the victory to Envigado, who achieved his second consecutive victory in this Eagle League.


The Dodgers Centenary Franchise


With six World Series titles with 21 National League crowns and a huge desire to compete in the Fall Classic this year, the Dodgers have the passport secured at least for the postseason. What will happen from then on?
Dodger franchise, for more than a century , has been held by word of mouth among baseball fans and, of course , Major League fans .

When naming the Dodgers, it is undoubtedly thought of in those unequaled rivalries against the Giants and the Yankees, the three novenas that had seat in the State of New York, and that by those circumstances of the industry, they left its caves at Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds, the ball parks that thrilled sensational years of history inside Organized Baseball in front of Yankee Stadium’s ‘Mules’.

The truth of the matter is that, within that image made up of sacrifices, many stars, hundreds of baseball games with waste of quality and energy, the Dodgers accumulate , as very few teams, 21 National League crowns , 15 titles of the West division of the Old Circuit, but only 6 Awards of the Fall Classic , a small number of triumphs, if all the history of the club is taken into account.

In the 1960s, the Dodgers with their left-handed mound star, the man who “instinctively” launched , Sandy Koufax, thrilled their loyal followers who won the October 1963 Appointments in the face of their eternal former rivals, The Yankees, and 1965, against the Minnesota Twins.

But before those two crowns, the Dodgers had already won the 1955 World Series titles against the Yankees and in 1959 against the Chicago White Sox. And the other two October diadems for the Dodgers, came in 1981 by defeating the Yankees in the Classic, and in 1988, winning the Oakland Athletics . In other words, the franchise is a year from turning 30 without getting the maximum award of the Major League Baseball.


Spain beat Italy and approaches the 2018 World Cup


The victory consolidates to the selected Iberian like leader in solitary of group G of classification mundialista with 19 points. Isco illuminated with his football the firm way to the 2018 World Cup of Spain , with an exhibition in the Santiago Bernabu, where was reflected the relief of the leadership witness of a legend like Andres Iniesta , with a forceful triumph before an Italy that looked for the victory and was thrashed (3-0).

Iniesta already has an heir worthy of his football . The day that has to leave the Spanish team leaving for history the most important goal ever dreamed by Spain in the final of the World Cup in South Africa , will do so with the pride of seeing new stars that extend their way of understanding football. In Isco has the best relief. In a duel of the greatness of a European classic before Italy, it transferred to him powers of leadership.

Eleven years without losing a qualifying match to a great appointment took Italy before knee kneeling in the Bernabeu . It was the ‘vendetta’ to the end of the cycle of the Eurocopa of France, the last day of the successful ‘Del Bosque era’. That fateful night in Paris, the Red felt helpless.

The same one that crossed the body of each Italian international in the Bernabu , where it was forced to win, with a courageous approach of Ventura that received a hard punishment. The defense was four for Chiellini’s injury. It did not matter to him to Julen Lopetegui, that maintained his idea of playing with false nine more by rewarding the moment Asensio before by the formation of the rival.


Conor McGregor Acknowledges that He Made fun of Everyone Fighting Mayweather


The new demonstration of mockery and deception makes the Nevada Athletic Commission, which authorized it when everyone in the box asked him not to do it, also be officially involved in it has been a big “fraud.”

Mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor hardly needed a week after battling fighter Floyd Mayweather and receiving the agreed $ 35 million purse to admit that he “mocked” the entire boxing world .

The Irishman ironically but realistically expressed in his Twitter account that ” the man everyone boxed mocked, went out the big door of the circus, ” having accomplished nothing of what he promised he would do about it quadrilateral and lending itself to all the “deception” that Mayweather also designed to make him stay in the ring for 10 rounds.

“The imprisoned orangutan who obeyed the rules of the circus and got richer from it,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

Immediately, all his followers answered affirmatively with a publication of 20,000 who sent it back and more than 70,000 with the “like”.

McGregor did everything in the ring of the T-Mobile Arena of Las Vegas less boxing , lost by TKO in the tenth round after Mayweather intentionally allowed him to reach that time of combat.

The new demonstration of mockery and cheating, confirmed by one of the main protagonists of the fight, causes that the Nevada Athletic Commission, which authorized it when everyone in the box asked him not to do so, is also officially involved in he has been a great “fraud”.


Lewis Hamilton beat Michael Schumacher’s Historic Poles in F1


The 32-year-old rider who runs the Mercedes team finished with the best time at Monza and puts pressure on Vettel, who finished in eighth place. English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) broke the historical record of pole positions Michael Schumacher and put more pressure on another German, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), who leads the World Cup with seven points more than him and leave this sixth Sunday Monza, the temple of the ‘Scuderia’.

Hamilton, 32, who had equaled the Kaiser a week ago at Spa-Francorchamps, lifted the historic pole record to 69 on another epic journey in which he proved that he is not a triple world champion by chance and that was marked by heavy rain, which ended up delaying two and a half hours of competition but did not prevent it from proving once again that in any circumstance it may be the best with its victorious ‘silver arrow’.

The Englishman will fight this Sunday to raise his second record to 59 , however, far from the 91 that constitute another of the record of the seven-time German champion, still convalescing the serious skiing accident he suffered in December 2013 in Meribel , in the French Alps.

Hamilton embroidered a crazy day in the big, covering in the third round (Q3) of the qualification, the 5,793 meters of the Lombard track in one minute, 35 seconds and 554 thousandths, one second and 148 thousandths less than Max Verstappen (Red Bull), which was second.

But the one that will start next to him in the first row will be the young Lance Stroll. Williams’s Canadian benefited that both Red Bull’s young Dutchman and his Australian teammate Daniel Ricciardo, third on Saturday, will start, due to penalties following changes in their engine, from the last rows of the grid.

In Monza, where it rained during the last minutes of the first free practice on Friday – a weekend that ended with showers and an electrical device – he did not stop doing it from the early hours of Saturday, which completely overcame the last free trial, morning.

In which only rolled during the last minutes and among the seven that marked time, the fastest was the Brazilian Felipe Massa (Williams). Spaniard Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) – with ten positions on the grid for a change of engine – was fourth, before finishing the fifteenth qualifying, thinking only in the race.


Fabio Fognini Expelled from the US Open for insults to a Chair Judge


The Grand Slam Council said in a statement that the expulsion was agreed by a “serious offense” of the Italian in the first round match that lost by 6-4, 7-6 (8), 3-6 and 6-0 .

The Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini has been expelled from the US Open for the serious insults he made to a court judge during his match against his compatriot Stefano Travaglia last Wednesday.

The Grand Slam Council said in a statement that the expulsion was agreed by Fognini’s “serious offense” to the judge in the first-round match that lost 6-4, 7-6 (8), 3-6 and 6-0. The Italian tennis player called him “troia bocchinara” (“fucking chupapollas”).

The measure has immediate effects and Fognini will no longer be able to play the next doubles match in which he was to participate with his compatriot Simone Bolelli in the third round.

Fognini had already received a fine of $ 24,000 for that incident. The Grand Slam Council reported that the measure was applied in accordance with the principles contained in articles of the Grand Slam Code of Conduct that penalize “aggravated behavior” and “conduct contrary to the integrity of the tournament”.

The process of reviewing these incidents may result in Fognini’s permanent suspension of Grand Slam tournaments and a $ 250,000 fine, the council recalled.

The player, number 26 in the ATP ranking, was already fined at Wimbledon in 2014 for his bad behavior in the first round of that tournament.


Tips for Baseball Hitters to improve their Batting


This time we bring you some tips to improve batting in baseball, we hope they serve. These tips are very useful for most players at the amateur level.

1) Concentration: It is important to feel relaxed, comfortable, focused and ready to do the work that will transmit his coach from third base when it is in the batter ‘s box .

Get to the stadium with clear and positive mind to perform at their best.

common error : Many players when they are the dugout they do is waste your time and are not pending launcher to study their weaknesses and their types pitches.

2) Bat selection : An important factor is to select a bat with which the batter can handle your swing properly. Swing speed within the zone of strike will determine the length and weight of your bat to use. A very heavy bat will wreak havoc on your mechanical slowing your swing. Something very important and clear is the fact that bat speed is to determine the distance, not if the bat is heavy or light.

Baseball and softball players, irrespective of their League or College, or pro athletics can use Call the Shot to improve their swing.

By keeping the training sleeve on bat’s barrel, players can concentrate on hitting the ball in the right part of the bat as a result can increase in better hits.

common error : Choose an alien beats personal comfort or believe that because the bat is bigger and heavier the hit will be more forceful.

3) Grab the bat : the most ideal way to hold the bat is supposed to be the base of the fingers. A batsman who holds the bat in the wave of the palm slow down your bat. Use call the shot to improve batting swing. Put your left hand and slide it to the part below the bat, his right hand then accommodated in the upper part of his left hand knuckles aligned half.

common error : Grab the bat far below or above it suitable; hit tied (very close to the body pitches)


How to play the right way – Techniques for Baseball players


Hands : Hands are placed above the area of strike in order to have a clear view of each release. This helps the batter to hit the ball in one direction. For you to make a good swing your elbows should touch the ribs thus bringing the strength of his back leg to the front and hitting the ball freely extending his arms.

common error : Separate the hands each

Hips : the hips should not move very early until you clearly see the launch, his “swing” will automatically notify them when to start the movement.

common error : Forward movement of the hips

Shoulders : the shoulder of the front will be the driver to hit the ball. If the launch is broken (curve, slider, sinker, etc.) then you must put the shoulder above the ball.

common error . Bad timing shoulders and below the broken pitches

Head and Eye : Never lose the ball string and gaze you should always be placed on the pitch. His chin will be aligned with your left shoulder looking with both eyes pitcher since making his throwing motion until you release the ball so try to decipher the pitch, then follow with the eye the path of the ball and look at the seams to predict the movement will have it.

common error . take away the view of the ball following these tips and putting them into practice can be safely a good hitter but keep in mind that certain virtues are also needed natural such as reflexes, speed, good eyesight and strength.

In addition we leave these tips:

  • Choose a good bat;
  • Keep your head down and tucked back when the launch comes;
  • Their attention should be exclusively on the ball;
  • Let swing only the pitches in zone strike;
  • have patience;
  • learn to bat for all directions of the park;
  • look at the pitcher with two eyes around his nose;
  • be aggressive batting in the drawer;
  • Keep your arms relaxed;
  • stick to the releases;
  • with two strikes in the count seeks contact and no power.